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Office Fitouts & Refurbishments

Office Fitouts tailored to Suit Your Organisations Requirements

At Office Furniture Brisbane we have helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes maximise their office potential by providing optimal solutions in layout, style, budget and timing specific to their commercial office space requirements. Whether you’re starting up, moving to a new location, expanding your team or simply refurbishing your current office – the team at Office Furniture Brisbane can help. We can take care of the fit out design process so that you can remain focused on your business.

Office floor plan design from the experts in efficient, practical solutions

At Office Furniture Brisbane we have one of the largest ranges of commercial furniture in Australia all available on a ‘next day’ to 4 week lead time.

Our Standard Services Include:

  • Project Discussion & Recommendations
  • Site Visit where applicable
  • Floorplan and or site review
  • Free Concept Floor Plans
  • 3D Modelling

Every business wants to make the most of the space they have and get the best possible value for money. Drawing on 18 years of experience and hundreds of office fit outs delivered across Government, Corporate and Small to Medium Business, we know we can help you achieve the best possible outcome.


The most important element of any project is figuring out how the space will function. Once done it provides a clear pathway forward  for determining style. Desk sizes, storage, organizational layout, work flow, all are important to the operation of an enterprise and if incorporated early on and in detail, ensure a successful office fit out.


A workspace that has good aesthetic appeal is a place we will feel more engaged with. The positive effect of that is inevitable. We are committed to providing genuine solutions to our customers through our continuous expansion of our range. This enables choice to our customers in the styles available to move forward with in their office fit out.


The Office Furniture Brisbane range is as much about choice in budget options as it is style. Our Australian Made and imported range of furniture is incredibly diverse and underpinned by quality first. Though this we are able to offer multiple options to accommodate nearly every office fit out budget.


A workspace that has a warm and welcoming atmosphere is a place we will feel more engaged with. The positive effect of that is inevitable. We maintain a commitment to providing choice to our customers and our approach of continuous expansion of our range ensures we can continue to offer solutions to meet every style, budget and time frame.

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Our office planning and fit out capability is built on the experience of 18 years of service, creating and supplying over 15,000 work space solutions.

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