Motion Range

Streamlined Design Meets Comfort

Discover our versatile desk range, designed for the modern workspace. Available in sizes 1500 x 750 and 1800 x 750, with options for frames only, these desks cater to various needs and preferences. Customize your setup with features such as arms and screen brackets, and choose to include or exclude a cable tray.

  • Dual/Triple Stage Lifting: Lifts 120kg at 38mm/s, height range 655-1305mm.
  • Leg Design: Slim rectangular or round profiles, minimizes trip hazards.
  • Worktops: 25mm thick, includes cable scallop, suits tops 1200-1800mm wide.
  • Frame Options: White or black, with or without cable tray, supports screen brackets.
  • Tech Features: Anti-collision, digital display with height presets, dual USB chargers.
  • Ergonomic and Aesthetic: Adjustable for comfort, designed to complement any office decor.

Square Leg – Desk

1500 x 750
1800 x 750

Square Leg – Back to Back

1200 x 750
1500 x 750
1800 x 750

Square Leg – Workstation

1500 x 750
1800 x 750

Round Leg – Desk

1500 x 750
1800 x 750

Round Leg – Back to Back

1500 x 750
1800 x 750



With Cable Tray


With Screen

With Cable Tray and Screen


White Frame Square Legs

White Frame Back to Back

Black Frame Square Legs

Black Frame Back to Back

White Frame Square Workstation

Black Frame Square Workstation

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